Knock Schoolhouse/Community Hall

Knock Schoolhouse/Community Hall
7756 10th Sideroad

The building dates back to 1902, when it was commissioned as a one-room schoolhouse to accommodate children residing on nearby farms. It remained in use as a school until 1965. Next, the building became a hub for the Knock community for parties, card playing, quilting bees and more until the 1990s.

Gradually, the building started to deteriorate and the Town of Innisfil took over ownership.
In 2007 the former Knock School House got renovated and is now called the Knock School Heritage Site and is home to the Innisfil Historical Society.

This school is built in 1902 by William Taylor of Allandale on the site of a log framed school in 1871 by Stephen Maneer. This is the only school site in Innisfil that is essentially unchanged from its original use. Knock School was purchased in mid 1960's from the School Board and became known as Knock Community Centre.

Attributes: One room brick building with full basement, rectangular design with a high pitched gable roof and a bell tower on top. the bell and bell tower are original to the building. The entrance/ cloakroom attached to the front has separate doors for "Boy" and "Girl" reflecting the practice at the time of the building's construction. additional original features include high ceiling, wood trim, wainscoting, hardwood flooring, external trim and the position of the blackboard across the front with one on each side between middle and front windows.

The Knock Schoolhouse/Community Hall can be rented for special events and meetings.  Please visit the Town of Innisfil's Facility Rentals webpage for more information.


*Photo accredited to Tony Bellissimo

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